Emily at home 

After nearly 3 and half months in hospital, Emily has come home and in many ways it’s quite similar to bringing Alex home and in others it is very different. Obviously the first thing is how unbelievably over the moon we are, and relieved! 

However the worries are building up; she’s freezing in 21 degrees cause nicu was constantly around 26 and 5/6 if her feeds have medicine in them which requires careful measuring. We also have 5 drawers of frozen breast milk which is being defrosted for use and is taking strategic planning. We also have endless follow up appointments in Bedford and possibly 2 specialist hospitals about conditions that she has. 

The first night was surreal…until it just turned into a normal night with a baby! She didn’t want her feed at 2am like she did in nicu, she wanted it at midnight, then wouldn’t go to sleep, then I stayed awake with her sleeping on me till 6am. Believe me…this is in no way a complaint!! It is 100% a relief…my baby is home. The dirty nappies, sleepless nights and relentless sterilising is all part of everything I have been looking forward to. We are also realising that definitely is nocturnal and much prefers sleeping on us than in any kind of crib – standard baby stuff! 

As I write this I realise that all of these thoughts and feelings are exactly that of a new parent to a well baby; no matter the situation you will always worry about your little one and if you are doing it right! I am trying my best to treat Emily like a normal newborn because I feel that is best for my sanity, but I will always know that she isn’t, she is my miracle baby who kicked nicu’s ass.

Before I sign off for the night, I must add that Fane is having his paternity leave now and he is the most doting daddy any tiny baby could hope for. ❤❤❤ 


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