NUT strike again!

Why are you striking? Some ditz at the BOS asked today. Why the hell do you think I am striking you ignoramus, do you not watch the news!.

Millions people are in full support of public sector workers striking and asking for fair pay and working conditions, and a minority are not in support (the ones with fair pay and working conditions). But when it comes to teachers striking parents are always the hardest to convince.

Today I went on strike and like millions of other teachers I did it to stand up for education! Fair pay, workload and pensions are only a small part of it; the more they cut out of the budgets for education the more nagatively out kids education is effected! The more workload teachers are given the less time they have to plan actual interesting lessons. Did you know that on average a full time teacher is only given 2.5 hours of admin time? Meaning a majority of work is done after hours and at home? The funding for 16+ has recently been cut meaning Bedford College had to cut 1.5 hours a week from every course; meaning we have to teach the same thing in less time and still expect good results. Teaching hours being cut means jobs being cut!

The dfe tries to say that teaching is still attractive and they have more trainees than ever – teaching is a vocation, young people who want to be teachers will still train to be teachers! But let’s remember that 50% of NQTs leave within 5 years.

I almost left this year. After working in a school and having to do report after report after date collection after parents consultation etc etc etc I truly understand how difficult teaching is for those teaching subjects like English and Maths who have 30 kids in each class. It crushed my soul a bit. But I love teaching, I want to make a difference in the system and I am not going to just strike to do it. action will be taken at every opportunity no matter how big or small. But I am not doing it for Gove or Cameron or Ofsted, I am doing it for my students and I hope that in return that they, and their parents, support me in when I choose to strike and stand up for their education!


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