The Bedfordshire ‘Just Because’ 48 hour film challenge

So last weekend I ran the The Bedfordshire ‘Just Because’ 48 hour film challenge in association with Oxjam and Bedford Film festival and I must say, organising it was more stressful that I thought. I was constantly worried that not enough people were signing up and that it was all going to be a train wreck! But that is just me, a worry wart!

But the weekend came, I emailed out the briefs which were randomly picked out of a hat by my 2 year old and the challenge begun at 6pm on the Friday! We made a film of our won which I am quite proud of, apart from my acting! But Alex is also in it and she was so good, and well behaved and followed instruction for the most part! Without her cooperation it would have fell apart. 

This is Donum by BFMC –

The other entries were all great and in the end I was so proud to have organised it and encouraged filmmaking, regardless as to how few teams were involved. These are the other entries – (mature audiences only)

Unfortunately there were several other teams that were sent briefs, but they didn’t produce the goods! Hopefully next time – to be honest the whole process of making a film in 48 hours is not blaming easy!

I hope you enjoy the films, all teams would appreciate your support and feedback! 



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