Back to the blog – Little Kickers

So I haven’t written in my short lived blog for a long long time and as there is actually so much going on my life right now I thought I would try it again because I really want to talk about Little Kickers! 

Little kickers is a football course for toddlers and pre-schoolers and from what I can tell it’s all about fun, exercise and co-operation – everything little ones needs. 

So I tool Alex to a free trial this morning. I was dubious at first – is my crazy loon of a child going to listen to instruction from a stranger? is she going to try to steal a ball? is she even a real human person? Well the first two questions are answered; she did listen to instruction and there was no attempted theft! The third question…I am still waiting for an answer. 

It was so much fun and she had a smile on her face the whole time. There was lots of games and as they are only the very little ones it was basic football skills – mainly kicking the ball rather than throwing it! Coach Paul was fantastic with the kids, definitely kept their attention and changed activities at a quick pace so that they never got bored. 

Alex and I are definitely signing up – for me it is finally something to do on a Saturday when James is at work, but for other mums it is something that dad’s can do leaving mummy to have a lie in! It is on a Saturday morning at Bedford College at 2 different times

9.15 – 10.00am “Junior Kickers”, 2 – 3½ yrs
10.10 – 10.55am “Mighty Kickers”, 3½ – 5th b’day

Paul is lovely and doesn’t mind you contacting him via Facebook which is handy! Search for Paul Stokes on my Mums of Bedford page or visit the Little Kickers website

I recommend this for absolutely anyone with children under 5 to take part in! Let me know if you go for a free trial or sign up!





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