My Nana

Three weeks ago my Nana passed away. My family is devastated; all 8 children, 19 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren and her brothers. All I have thought about for the last 3 weeks is her, not even any particular times or places, just her in general. I suppose I only really have memories of her when I was younger and living in Scotland, like her letting me watch scary movies like childsplay, and sticking her false teeth out to scare us, and her hoovering up and throwing out money cause she thought they were just bits of paper. Love her. She was the centre of the Shades family, the glue, the woman who made each and every single one who we are today.

This is her when she met Alex


Something I have been thinking about alot is the pain that her children are going through; my mum and her brothers and sisters. And of course my brother who has lived with her for the last 14 years, so her best friend. Yes she was my Nana and I loved her and I will miss her, but she was a mother, eight members of my family have lost their mother. 

The funeral had a good turn out of people, other family members were there, cousins, second cousins, second cousins cousins and all that you get from Catholic families. It was a good feeling knowing that she was so well loved. The priest spoke very highly of her as well and during the eulogy, as did everyone I spoke to that day.

This is the first loss I have truly felt, my grandad died when I was much younger and I do remember him very fondly but I didn’t really get it at the time. This I get, this scares me, this has made me think about my life and my entire family and how much Helen Shades meant to all of us.

So this hasnt been the most uplifting blog post. Hopefully I will have more lols from Alex later in the week…


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